Cat Pregnancy Crisis

It is estimated that 1 million cats in the UK are not neutered!

Free microchipping for cats

Free microchipping for cat owners in receipt of certain state benefits.


Do you own or are thinking about owning a rabbit?
Here is some useful information that might help prevent problems…


Free urine testing for all animals over 7!

Is your dog covered? – Titre Testing

We offer a reliable titre testing service for £45 – This includes a vet check if you are not a regular client plus a report with the results. See article under ‘useful information’

Coming up in January…

Does your pet have a lump or bump that you are unsure of? Get it checked out during January! We are offering 10% discount on all Histology and FNA treatments!

Archie’s Cvets experience

Archie was recently rushed to our out of hours service (Cvets) as he decided to eat a foreign body. Archies owners were incredible stressed – as you can imagine – and immediately rushed him down to Cvets.

Our Food Loyalty Scheme

Helping you with the cost of pet food.

Important information for cat owners

If you have a cat over 6 years old then they are starting to reach a more mature age. Below is some important information about kidney problems in older cats.

Firework Fears…

Our pets can’t understand what fireworks are about. To them, the loud noises and bright flashes are scary and unexpected and our pets often want to escape from what is a high-stress situation for them.