Lumps and Bumps

Most pet owners will worry if they see a lump or bump on their pet. Not all lumps will be sinister, but it’s always important to get any lump, however small, checked out…

Dental Offer!

Free dental checks with the nurse and fixed price dentals throughout February!


It’s a dog’s life…

It’s senior dog month in October so we thought we’d share with you some tips and advice to help you care for your older dog. Plus we have FREE Senior Dog Checks for all dogs over 8!


Our K-Laser Offer!

We have had another busy month at Rock View! Our K Laser is proving quite a hit among the Cornish community – and beyond!! For those of you who haven’t heard of this revolutionary, non-invasive therapy you need to read on…


Rabbits say “Buzz off”

As part of Rabbit and Guinea pig month, we want to raise awareness of a dangerous and often fatal condition called “Flystrike”. Rabbits are susceptible to unwanted attention from flies, especially in warmer weather.

New hope for Arthritis Sufferers

Read about our new Platelet Therapy!

Cat Pregnancy Crisis

It is estimated that 1 million cats in the UK are not neutered!

Free microchipping for cats

Free microchipping for cat owners in receipt of certain state benefits.


Do you own or are thinking about owning a rabbit?
Here is some useful information that might help prevent problems…


Free urine testing for all animals over 7!