Worried about your Pet?

Sometimes your pet might be feeling under the weather, but you’re not sure if they need to see a vet. The best thing to do is give the clinic a call and we’ll advise you.

There’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to keeping your pets healthy, so speak to us whatever the problem.

Here’s a few things to look out for in your pets…

  • Vomiting, loose stools or bloating

  • Itching, fur loss and red or flaky skin

  • Limping, lethargy or difficulty walking

  • Lumps, bumps and swellings

  • Drinking more or drinking less

  • Eating more or eating less

  • Sleeping more or sleeping less

  • Change in toilet habits

If you’ve noticed any of these signs or anything else which is unusual for your pet, you should give the clinic a call on 01726 890 887 for advice.