We have had another busy month at Rock View! Our K Laser is proving quite a hit among the Cornish community – and beyond!! For those of you who haven’t heard of this revolutionary, non-invasive therapy you need to read on…

It helps older pets – cats, dogs, rabbits – with arthritic problems, old wounds, ulcers, non-healing wounds, post-surgery (post cruciate or hip surgery).

Claim to Fame – we recently had a dog referred for K-laser treatment from Noel Fitzpatrick – The Bionic Vet! Of course he has two K lasers himself!

The little dog had a shoulder transplant and came here for K laser to help it heal.

Over the years I have been practising as a Vet (and previously as a Vet Nurse) I have come across a lot of different therapies – I have to say we have had some really amazing results with the K  Laser and were the first practice in Cornwall to get one (our other Claim to Fame!)

The K Laser is the only Laser therapy recognised by Insurance Companies and is the only one I have seen with actual Scientific Papers to back up its effectiveness.

It works by increasing the blood flow to the affected area – bringing in the natural healing properties of the pets own tissues.

It’s great for older dogs and cats who may be on medication already or who have medical issues – liver and kidney – which prevent the use of some pain killing drugs.

As September is Senior cat Month this treatment should be considered for arthritic cats – some pets have several treatments initially  then monthly as a top up.

Of course many of our feline friends object to medication – this in one that is non-invasive and tolerated very well.

We are offering a Senior Cat Month K Laser package – normally 6 sessions are £150, we are offering a package of 6 sessions for all cats 8 years and over for £100 (payment for package at the first session please)

We are also offering FREE Senior cat (8years and over) check-ups with our nurses and FREE urine tests for cats 8 years and over.

Don’t worry if you own a senior dog – that is next month!

Let’s help these cats have a happier life!