The V-PET Platelet Therapy is a new and innovative treatment for osteoarthritis and damaged or wounded areas that often take a long time to heal. The procedure involves taking blood from the patient and then filtering the blood sample to separate the autologous platelets from its own tissue which is then injected into the problematic area/s.

Today, Jensen (pictured) popped in to see us for a re examination after having the new and innovative V-PET platelet therapy.

So, how is Jensen today?

Very Well! He hasn’t been lame since having the treatment!

Thats Great! He’s been lame for quite sometime hasn’t he?

Yes, been lame for a very long time and we’ve tried a number of different medications and treatments but none have seemed to work long term.

Why did you decide to try Platelet Therapy?

Well – we had a chat with Fiona about it a while ago and knew she was going on a course about it so did some research into it online and my daughter actually saw it on the Supervet, so we decided to give one last treatment a go!

Jensen had the treatment under sedation without anaesthetic – is that correct?

Yes, that was another important factor to me as Jensen doesn’t cope well with anaesthetic and due to his age I just didnt want to put him through it.

Was he OK after the treatment?

He was obviously quite sleepy for a little while but as soon as we got home, he was bouncing around and lively like his normal self.

We’ve frozen some of the platelets as well havent we so they can be used in the future – is that correct?

Yes, if he has to have more treatment in the future – then we can come back and have a top up!

Are you doing anything else to ensure a good recovery?

We are lead walking him for a while and are going to slowly increase his exercise and we have also decided to keep up with his monthly k laser sessions.

Thank you for speaking to us about Jensen today!

If you have a dog with sore joints or a wound then he/she may benefit from this treatment.

Call the surgery on 01726 890887 for more details. You can also go to the VBS Direct website for further information and case examples by clicking here.