Does your dog/cat suffer from sore joints, arthritis or hip dysplasia? Are they taking non-steroidals (Loxicom, Metacam, Inflacam) as treatment to give them a better quality of life? If the answer is yes to both of the above questions, then these drugs should be given with caution and regular blood testing should be carried out to monitor its affects on your pets organs!

Some pets suffer from gastro intestinal upset when given these types of drugs so they are not always a long term option.

Here at Rock View Vets, we have been using K Laser for 12 months and have had some wonderful results! Many arthritic pets have regular repeat appointments for a ‘top up’ to their arthritis treatment. Use of the K Laser has in many cases enabled us to reduce the dose of drugs like Metacam.

We are now adding Platelet Therapy to our arthritis protocols. Platelet Therapy uses the body’s own cells to help heal itself ‘The V-Pet Platelet System we use filters the patients blood and allows us to inject the platelets into the affected joints. The patient is under sedation during this and the whole procedure from blood sampling to injection takes about an hour’. We are very excited to offer this at Rock View says Fiona Rawlings – Director and senior Vet.

Seethe website for more details on the V-Pet System and the wonderful results that help to change pets lives.