So, I thought I would start a blog!

Every day, both in work and out of work I get people asking my opinion on many things – some animal-related and some with very tenuous animal links! Usually, these are preceded by or are followed by  the words “well, you are a vet”.

Don’t get me wrong it is (I think – in most cases) quite flattering to think someone wants my opinion!

I have learnt, over the years, that asking for my opinion in no way means the opinion or advice will be headed- I have also gained a tough hide over the years and to be honest I give my opinion – sometimes people even pay me for it – and it is up to the individual if they take my advice or not.

Obviously training as a Vet and running my own practice gives me some experience in some areas – I have to say I have no more knowledge of spiders and bath plugs (husband’s question) than anyone else on the planet or, come to that , of the mating habbits of earwigs – ‘son and heirs’ question!

I also seem to be the parent who has to explain the birds and the bees to said ‘son and heir’ as well as the finer points of the human male anatomy – preceded by ‘ well you are the Vet!’   I could follow this with ‘ well you are the farmer!’

Which reminds me of a teachers comment at parents evening – the teacher asked my son –

what do you know about where we come from?

My son replied…

I have seen the cow  giving the bull a piggy back in the field and I have seen a calf being born – it was bloody and horrid!’

The joys of living on a farm!

I thought I would cover the major topics in the blog  and obviously hope to get feedback from you guys out there!

Those of you who know me will know that I will give my honest opinion – no frills – just as it is!

I was born in Scotland but spent many years in Derbyshire/Yorkshire where a spade is definitely a spade – unless it is a shovel of course ( my father was a Surveyor and from an early age we were taught there is defintely a difference!)

So, lets get started!

I will start with a hot topic –

Feeding Raw Food to Dogs and Cats

So should we all be feeding raw food to our pets?

Do we all want to?

Do you  really want to handle raw meat and bones, heart, liver and other animals organs?

If you are going yuck, yuck then possibly this is not for you!

There are ‘cleaner ‘ ways to feed raw food – some comes in  neat tubs you get out the freezer, open and tip into your pets dish – or spoon out into the dishes as I do with my cats!

I have to admit I have fed dry food to my dogs and cats for many years.  The main reason for this is, I must admit,  ease. Scoop it out the bag and into the dish – easy. Don’t get me wrong I buy a decent dry food – I believe you get what you pay for with dry food – cheapest is sweepings off the floor and the cheaper ingredients. I would advise buying the best you can afford – you get out what you put in!

So, if you are not squeamish about handling raw dog food there are many options available – in my opinion you need bones as well as meat. Meat contains high protein but very little calcium and other minerals and vitamins. You can buy the bits separately and build your dogs food by adding bone – chicken is popular – chickens/ turkeys feet, also you can add vegetables.

Too much like hard work? At the moment when many of us  are working from home and maybe have a bit more time on our hands you could fill a few hours with raw food preparing, labelling and freezing – if you have freezer space! Makes a change from the box set!

Or you could buy the neat tubs or you could just stick to the dry food in the bag!

Is Raw food much better for our pets?

 Many say raw food is closest to the natural diet. Of course many of our dogs have come a long way from the wild wolves. Some dogs still think they are wolves! Others think they are anything but dogs!

Some dogs do not suit raw food – they wont eat it, don’t like it or it doesn’t like them!

I have heard it say that raw food cures all pets problems – gone is the itchy skin, diarrhoea, vomitting and digestive problems. Unlikely!

I have an itchy dog – she seems much less itchy on the Duck (novel protein) raw diet but I wouldn’t say she is cured. Skin issues have many factors – genetic, environmental, diet, climate- some of these things may reduce the itchy times but unlikely to cure it. My issue is my dog eats anything she can get hold of on the farm – living or dead – sometimes she kills it herself first!

If a raw diet cures all your dogs problems then that’s fab for your dog!

I would just say – go into it with your eyes open and don’t expect miracles or you may be disappointed!

Oh,  and one more thing, remember all you were ever taught about raw chicken? Edwina? well the raw food you get for your dog needs treating like you treat raw chicken in your own kitchen.

 If you need any advise about raw feeding we are available

It is not difficult and I fed my lot dry one day and raw the next – no issues at all!

Cats too – even the fussiest one is warming to the idea now!