After many requests we have decided to stock frozen raw cat and dog food at Rock View Vets.

Fiona has been using her own dogs and cats as ‘guinea pigs’ and the results have been very good.

Here’s what Fiona had to say…

My lab x and jack Russell thought the food was fab!
They look disappointed if I give them dry kibble now!
The cats were, as cats are, a bit suspicious to start with! I have 6 cats – most with medical issues or bits missing!
2 of them went straight in and now won’t eat the dry kibble!
The other 4 were not so sure but after 2-3 days got very excited when the food arrived!

I don’t have the time really to portion it all out or mess too much with the food.

I will need a freezer at home just for their food though!

Nutriment was ideal as I thawed out (over night) the tub size to suit the dog, took the lid off and tipped it in the dish. Couldn’t be easier!
The cat one I thawed a big tub then spooned it into the dishes
No waste, no fuss and empty plates all round.

I didn’t swap them over gradually but jumped straight in. Kibble one day raw the next. Less faeces definitely!

My only issue is remembering to thaw the food out!

I am getting a freezer for the waiting room and will let you all know when it is full!

I am aiming to stock other makes not just nutriment once we get going.

If you have any comments on raw food we would love to hear from you – the good and the bad!

It doesn’t suit all owners or all pets.

We will continue to stock dry kibble for dogs and cats.