We would like to inform our clients that as of the New year we will be changing our prescription health check policy to every 3 months, thus ensuring the health and wellbeing of pets committed to our care.

NB:If your pet has been seen within the 3 months by a Veterinary surgeon for vaccination or a consultation with another issue this would count as a health check.
This is for all pets on long-term medication requiring repeat prescriptions, they need regular prescription checks with a Veterinary surgeon. This is a legal requirement, Veterinary surgeons can only prescribe medication to animals that are ‘under their care’, meaning that regular health checks are needed. These regular visits enable the veterinary surgeons to monitor your pet’s health, and maintain the correct dose of  medication.
When we ask you to book a prescription check for your pet, we are doing so with their best interests and health in mind, if you have any further questions please ask us