January is Lumps and Bumps month!

Does your pet have a lump or bump that you are unsure of? Get it checked out during January! We are offering 10% discount on all Histology and FNA treatments!

FNA stands for Fine Needle Aspirate and the procedure means that a tiny needle is inserted into the lump of concern and a tissue sample is collected and then sent off to our external laboratory. A simple procedure that can simply be done during a consult; very occasionally a sedation may be required, but not often.

Histology means that a section of the lump is removed under anaesthetic and then sent off the our external laboratory for an in depth examination.

Both procedures can be quite expensive, each depending on type of lump, size of lump and amount of lumps being tested, this is why we are offering you all 10% discount throughout January!

If you have concerns, please feel free to call us on 01726 890887 to make an appointment!