Recent Cases We Have Treated at Rock View Veterinary Surgery 

Brave Buddy

August 2015 - Update -Buddy has recently undergone further surgery at Rock View Vets, an excision arthoplasty operation on his hip joint and is receiving hydrotherapy to aid his recuperation. He's even become famous now - featuring on Spotlight, along with our very own Fiona and Clay County Cat Care's Leanne. Watch Buddy swimming here

April 2015 - Buddy received extensive injuries after being involved in a Road Traffic Accident in April and has to undergo several procedures at the surgery. He has a long way to go yet. Follow his progress on the Clay County Cat Care website.

Lucky Linas

A local dog was very lucky to survive a serious illness thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of the staff at Rock View, especially the nurses who worked around the clock caring for Linas. His night nurses Kate Benney, Brynley Rowe and Cody Best remarked on what a good patient he was. We don't see many Brittany spaniels but all of the nurses wanted one after falling in love with Linas.


'"We thought we had lost him" said Linas's Mum, "He was so very ill".
Linas suffered a serious attack of haemorrhagic diarrhoea and vomiting.
He was unable to keep anything down and was passing pure blood.
"We have no idea where he picked it up from but we are so glad he was insured".
Luckily Linas was insured, which meant his owners had the peace of mind of knowing that Linas could have the very best treatment."We could not have wished for better treatment".

Vets Lindsay Aldridge and Fiona Rawlings are delighted that Linas, still only a pup, has made a full recovery. Fiona said "I have such a great team of dedicated Vets,Nurses and Receptionists, who all worked together to pull Linas through".

Touch and Go for Sparky

Sparky the Border Collie gave everyone several sleepless nights after he swallowed four stones and a plastic toy!
He had to have life saving surgery at Rock View Vets. Veterinary Surgeon, Fiona Rawlings, said 'It was touch and go". We pulled out all the stops for Sparky - our dedicated nursing team worked around the clock.
"We couldn't have asked for more" said Sparky's mum. "The Rock View team were amazing". Sparky's family spent many hours at the surgery willing Sparky to live. Against all the odds Sparky has made a full recovery. He is back to his usual lively self - Sparky by name, Sparky by nature!

Pictured Jenna with Sparky when he popped in to see everyone


Lemon and Oil - not always a good combination!

Poor Lemon - she fell in engine oil. After a lot of shampooing and pampering she made a full recovery. Although the oil can be damaging to the fur the main worry is when cats try to lick it off and it causes internal problems. Luckily, Lemon's owner brought her straight in before she could suffer from complications.

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