Message from Fiona.

In an attempt to bring Veterinary Care to more patients we are changing!

For a while now I have been concerned about the direction the Veterinary profession is heading in.

More and more independent practices are being bought out by big corporate groups who just want to make money.

I fear this means less animals get the treatment they need and deserve because prices are going up and up.

At Rock View vets we understand the problems owners have and want to try and help. We now offer fixed price Veterinary consults for £25.

All Consultations with the Vet are £25!

*Prices correct from 1 September 2022.

We already  offer fixed prices for routine operations like neutering’s – spaying/castrations – the prices include a buster collar (if necessary) pain relief and antibiotics and post op check-ups with the nurse

We also offer fixed prices for dentals –  to include pain relief and antibiotics.

This should make life easier – you will know how much a procedure will cost ahead of time to allow budgeting.

I am always open to any feedback anyone may have – good or bad! – so feel free to…


Telephone 01726 890887  or

Write to me –    Fiona Rawlings  at Rock View Vets, 10 Tremodrett Road, Roche, St. Austell PL26 8JA  with your feedback.

Needless to say – Rock View will continue to offer the Quality Care we are well known for.