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Tinkerbell's Operation

Tinkerbell Tinkerbell and her friend. Tinkerbell has been anaesthetised and is on gas ready to go to prep
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell in Prep Room having her tummy clipped ready for her surgery
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell with a blue tummy! We use a blue liquid to prep the skin before surgery.
Tinkerbell The Surgeon! Scrubbing hands ready for surgery. Each part of each hand has to be cleaned thoroughly. The sterile gloves are then put on.
Tinkerbell Waiting patiently with a nice cup of tea!
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell in theatre on a heated table ready for surgery.
Tinkerbell Lovely neat wound! Operation done.
Tinkerbell Reunited! In recovery with her friend
Tinkerbell Snuggled up in recovery. Heated kennel and classic FM on the radio what could be better?

Honey's Operation

Honey Honey anaesthetised ready for her spay operation. She has been clipped and her skin prepared.
Honey All done!
Honey Recovering after her surgery

Ruby's Operation

Ruby Ruby, skin clipped and ready for preparation
Ruby Blue tummy! Skin prepared ready to go to theatre.
Ruby Theatre awaiting Ruby. Heated blankets. Heated room - warm enough to stand in naked! - Not that we do!
Ruby Final skin prep in theatre.
Ruby All over! Ready to go into recovery kennels. Heated kennels and classic FM!
Ruby Our Boos. With her two babies! Dizzy the mad Collie and Daisy
Ruby The next vet at Rock View?! Examining one of their many cats! This one is called Squirrel!
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