Diagnostic Department 

St Austell Vets - X-Ray Developer

Digital X-Ray Developer

This is another of our favourite pieces of kit

A digital developer develops X-Rays very FAST

-          No actual X-Ray films to lose or store.

-          No horrid chemicals to use or have to work with

-          Easy to ‘send’ pictures via email at the ‘click of a button’ no more ‘snail mail’.

The picture appears on the developer screen within minutes of taking the shot.

We can zoom in on a particular area and magnify any areas of concern for a closer look. We can email X-Ray pictures to referral vets for a rapid second opinion.

X-RAY Department

The practice has great delight in boasting a Digital X-Ray Machine, which means we will no longer have to wait for X-Rays to develop or take several pictures. This means less time under anaesthetic, which is good for your pets. It is used to check for damage to bones e.g.; a broken leg or to look for internal damage/ abnormalities i.e.; a swallowed stone! We are taking a step into the future with the practice so that we can help your pets even more efficiently and quickly than before.

Our Ultrasound Machine Is used to detect internal abnormalities, but is also an excellent aid to confirm a pregnancy or simply monitor an ongoing pregnancy.

We also have a brand new x-ray machine.

St Austell Vets - Anaesthetic Machines

Anaesthetic Machines

Our anaesthetic machines combine with the vary latest anaesthetic agent (Iso flo – the same anaesthetic used in hospitals for babies) will let us anaesthetise the very smallest hamster to the largest Great Dane.





St Austell Vet - Dental Treatment

Dental Department

Whether it be a descale and polish, a root filling, or in the worst case the removal of a badly decayed tooth our top of the range dental machine will be suited to all procedures and let us carry them out quickly and effiently reducing the time your pet needs to be anaesthetised.

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