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K Laser Treatment
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Why use Laser Therapy?

  • Are you concerned by the amount of painkillers your pet is on?
  • Are they the only thing keeping him or her going?
  • There may be an alternative - or at least a way to lower the dose of painkillers.

 Our Vet Fiona says:

“It is a very common situation in older pets to have stiff and sore joints, which can lead to weight gain and lethargy often resulting in reluctance to exercise in the dogs and depression in cats. I see many examples of this on a daily basis in our clinic”

Arthritis affects 65% of all dogs over 10years old and up to 30% of cats. Arthritis can affect any joint but is most common in the hips, elbows and knees. In dogs spondylosis can develop which is where little bridges of cartilage develop between the vertebrae. This is very painful and reduces movement considerably.

Signs of spondylosis include difficulty rising from a lying  position especially on shiny surfaces, muscle wasting over the hips and thighs, dragging  hind legs when walking or trotting  and pain in the lower back.


In the past the only drugs available to you from your vet have been anti-inflammatory and steroids based.

Both steroidal and non-steroidal drugs have side effects if used long term. In the past we have all had to work within these to give our pets a good quality of life without horrid side effects.

New Arthritis Treatment!

Laser is the newest treatment - with scientific papers to prove its efficacy to help in the fight against arthritis.  These lasers use infrared beams to help the body cells heal themselves.

High power laser therapy reduces inflammation, decreases pain drastically, increases blood flow to affected tissues and helps damaged cells heal.

It is not at all painful and results are dramatic after a few sessions.

The best part about laser therapy is there are virtually no side effects. It can be used in any case, and to treat many more conditions other than arthritis. Anywhere there is inflammation, pain and non healing tissues - new wounds, old wounds - you name it we can laser it! This treatment has revolutionised the way we help you heal your pets.

Not all Lasers Are the Same!

Laser is a new treatment and there are several models on the market- be careful - many lasers on the market are under powered and too weak to do any actual good.

Low powered lasers have been around for a long time - a laser needs to be a minimum of 8 watts to penetrate tissue, less than this and the healing light just cant get through to where it is needed.

Here at Rock View vets we use the K Laser Cube 4 which is 15 watts. This is the most powerful laser therapy available today in either human or veterinary medicine.

As well as being the most powerful laser, the K Laser Cube 4 is the only laser to use four separate frequencies of laser light to stimulate tissues. Most other lasers on the market use either one or two frequencies. By using four distinct frequencies the Cube 4 can stimulate different tissues to do different things and produce far superior results.

Laser therapy is really changing how we as Vets approach medicine, pain control and healing, and should be considered in any treatment plan where pain and or inflammation is involved.

Client Testimonial

Mr Gauntlett describes his experience:

“We have two small dogs, a Shih Tzu named Scruff and a X-breed named Cindy. Scruff is 4 years old and Cindy is a year younger. We frequently take them on walks on the local beaches and moorland. Three years ago, while walking on the beach at Carlyon Bay, Scruffs back legs gave way under him leaving him unable to walk. We carried him back to the car and took him to see Fiona. X-rays showed congenital bi-lateral hip dysplasia, a common condition in Shih Tzus. Scruff had two operations at Exeter to remove the femoral heads creating soft tissue joints.

It was a long recovery process leaving him with a lot of pain which was aggravated by cold and damp, he was unable to jump up on the sofa as he did before, his walking was slow and laboured, he could only run for very short distances and he had to stop and rest frequently. These restrictions on his mobility made him very depressed and grumpy, he was unable to play with Cindy as he used to.

Fiona put him on painkillers and anti-inflammatory to try and manage the pain but prolonged usage started to cause stomach problems. Fiona suggested the K Laser, she told us that very good results had been achieved with other dogs in similar situations. I was very sceptical, I could not see any way that 'shining a light' on the affected areas would do any good and we continued with the painkillers. After a particularly bad bout of colitis last autumn, I eventually agreed to try the K Laser after long discussions with Annette and talking it over with Jenna.

Scruff started his treatment with Jenna at the beginning of October, six sessions spread over three weeks. There was an immediate improvement after the first session, he was walking easier and trying to jump up again with no painkillers at all in his system. As the treatment progressed, the improvement became more and more pronounced. Scruff has had no painkillers now since the start of October and, consequently, no stomach problems. He is now able to jump up on the furniture again and he jumps in and out of the car instead of being lifted. On walks he is now chasing and playing with Cindy again, instead of lagging behind he is frequently leading. He now runs for the pure enjoyment of it and does not need to rest. The improvement in his mood is apparent to all the staff at the vets.

This treatment has worked so well for Scruff, making life pleasurable for him again, I would recommend anyone considering this treatment to go ahead with it. I was truly amazed at the results achieved and cannot speak highly enough of the K Laser. We have also been able to claim all the costs back on insurance, a win win situation!

I would like to thank Fiona and Jenna for recommending the treatment, talking it through with us and improving our dogs lives immeasurably”.

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