We have a new loyalty scheme!

You can now earn 50 points every time you visit the vets…

Whether it be a consult with the vet or nurse, a vaccination, parasite treatment, signing up to our newsletter, joining our pet health plan, leaving us a facebook or google review… plus much more… you will receive 50 points!

You don’t even have to do anything as we do it all for you, so you won’t need to remember a card every time to get it stamped! Once you’ve been in to see us, you will receive either a text or an email informing you of your points! If you dont have a mobile or an email address – it doesn’t matter as we will have it all on record for you in practice.

250 points = £5 off vet fees

450 points = £10 off vet fees

600 points = £15 off vet fees